Andrea Puccini

Art Director & Designer

Hello, I'm Andrea and if you're watching this page maybe you want to know something about me, if not, no harm, no foul.

This is my super-fast, IE6 compatible and Google PageSpeed high-ranking website, and no, there are no CSS errors. This is a 2Kb lightweight, full-responsive, legible and accessible website.

Anyway.. I'm an extrovert, coffee addicted and hyperactive 39 y.o. guy who makes his living as designer & art director for clients like:

Most of my projects are under NDA but hey, we could talk about them over a beer!

Currently, I’m working at Selfbook, a fintech company based in California, as UX/UI Director. During the last 6 years I had the honor to serve as a jury member on award panels around the world: Awwwards & Digital Design Award.

If you want drop me a line about anything, from design to D&D, from snowboarding to muay thai, write at this mail or follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin.